Luxurious Conditioning Hair Treatments Clapham

At Jamie Stevens Hair Salon in Clapham we offer luxury results driven hair treatments that not only make your hair look and feel healthier but work deep into the hair cuticle to restore the condition of your hair.

Jamie Stevens hair treatments are ideal to have with your next styling or colour service ensuring your hair is nourished and glossy. Our team of skilled, award winning hairdressers will assess your hair and recommend a treatment that is suitable for you.

Orchid Treatment: Inspired by the way an orchid holds and protects its colour, this treatment contains a unique UV Complex to moisturize and protect the depth, tone and shine of the hair.

Thirst Quencher: Unique aloe and passion fruit formula to re-hydrate, restore softness and relieve dry and stressed hair.

Detox Treatment: Ceramide infused treatment to help strengthen the hair from within. Perfect for over processed, chemically treated and brittle hair.

Instant keratin treatment: This brand new service is applied to the hair at the backwash after shampooing. Containing shea butter, collagen and cysteine and proteins, this ten-minute service rejuvenates the hair and lasts for 2 weeks. This is a great way to try the effects of the full keratin blow-dry on a more temporary basis.


Protein (Repair) From £20
Moisture (For dry hair) From £20
Shine / Gloss (Add shine) From £30
Masque (With Hot towel wrap) From £15
Bondultim8 (Protects hair) From £25
Instant Keratin From £50