Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Hair Salon Clapham, London

At Jamie Stevens Hair in Clapham, London we only use luxury Russian hair as this source of hair is one of the most natural virgin chemical free types of hair on the market today which is ethically sourced to ensure the hair is of exquisite quality and that cuticles are all facing in the same direction resulting in matting and tangle free smooth hair extensions. By using virgin Russian hair it means that the hair has never had a chemical service applied to the hair such as colour, perming or chemically treated in any other method giving you the most bespoke service with colour matching and texture. The hair can be coloured and can have heat applied creating the most flawless realistic natural hair extension result.

The La Weave

The La Weave is one of the most requested hair extension techniques across all of our salons due to the fact that it doesn’t use glue or heat during the application and a full head can be fitted in just 45 minutes. This method is perfect for clients who are looking to add length or body but dont want to commit to spending hours fitting and replacing hair. This hair extension technique lasts between 6 – 8 weeks before removal of the hair extension and a refit is applied.

The Nano Ring

The Nano Ring hair extension technique is fast becoming one of our most popular methods of applying hair extensions because of its non-damaging and discreet fitting. The nano ring is a tiny metal bead with a silicone cushion inside to provide a secure and cushioned effect when applied onto the natural strands of hair, this is then fixed using flat hair extension pliers which squeeze the Nano ring onto the hair securing it in place. This method is perfect for adding volume and length to the hair and also great for colour shy clients who dont want the commitment of colouring their own hair. This hair extension technique lasts between 8 – 10 weeks before a refit is needed.

The Flat Bonded Keratin Tip

This method of applying hair extensions is one of the longer lasting methods and damage free as it is applied using the hot fusion method melting the keratin tip onto the strands of hair then rolled into a tiny rice grain sized bond. The keratin tip is much easier to maintain as many hot fusion hair extension brands use either glue adhesives or petroleum based methods resulting in matting and shredding which is not compatible with the natural hair and could resulting in damage. Whereas we already have keratin in the hair structure the bond when applied is heated then hardened creating a longer lasting, damaging free hair extension method. Resulting in a easy to blend, long lasting, damage free extensions. This hair extension technique lasts between 10 – 12 weeks before removal of the hair extension and a reapplication is applied.

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape In Hair Extensions are one of the newest methods to apply hair extensions. The ultra thin tape pieces are ‘sandwiched’ between your natural hair to secure & is then fixed using a flat plier. This method is heat free and is non damaging to the natural hair. There is a fast application time of 45 minutes for a full head of tape in hair extensions and lasts between 6 – 8 weeks before removal of the hair extension and a reapplication is applied.

Full Head Sew In

A full head sew in is perfect for the client who likes to experiment with length and colour but doesn’t want to colour or cut their natural hair. The full head sewn in is know as a protective styling method to help hair grow and reduce the amount of heat styling, colouring or cutting done to the natural hair. All of the natural hair is braided away and wefts are sewn onto the braid to give the illusion that it is your own hair. This hair extension technique lasts between 8 – 10 weeks before removal of the hair extension and a reapplication is applied. This service is currently only done in our London branch.

Lace front

A lace front is a hair piece which can be used in the full head sewn in technique when you want to braid all your hair up without a leave out. The lace front unit gives you a realistic hairline and is great for the client who wants to change their look or protect their hairline area. This hair extension technique lasts between 4 – 6 weeks before removal of the lace front and a reapplication is applied.


At jamie stevens london we have a bespoke wig fitting service to create the most natural looking wigs. Taking measurments of your head we then set out making your wig using the finest swiss lace ventilated wig that is fitted with russian or remy hair depending on the result you would like.

Hair Extension Prices

All extension prices are based on consultation.

Extentionist Specialist
LA Weave From £50 Per Row From £70 Per Row
Nano Ring from £120 P/H From £170 P/H
Flat Bonded Keratin Tip From £120 P/H From £170 P/H
Tape In From £120 P/H From £170 P/H
Extension removal From £70 From £70
Volume Perm From £150 From £150
Spiral Perm From £150 From £150